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About Patriot Property Collective, LLC

Catching OUR American Dream

Our Real Estate journey began after buying, renovating, and then selling our first home. Since that first experience, we identified how we can grow from the benefit of sweat equity and a tangible way to achieve more financial freedom. The American Dream equals Financial Freedom.

We provide personal touch solutions backed by our years of experience in real estate rehabbing, sales, marketing, and operations management. After finding solutions for our sellers need, we switch our attention to the rehab process with the next buyer in mind. We leverage modern design, funky functionality, and smart home technology in order to provide an amazing home experience for the future home owner.

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Provide others the ability to leverage our experience to advance THEIR American Dream



We look to touch all facets of Real Estate, serve all kinds of people, and show others how to catch and harness the American dream.


Our Team


Megan Aycock

- Real Estate Market Master
- Home Design Extraordinaire
- Licensed FL Broker Associate
- Interior Design and Home Staging

Josh DeDecker

- Real Estate Operations Executive
- Military Housing
- Conventional Multifamily Housing
- Single Family Residential (SFR)
- REIT Portfolio SFR
- Build for Rent (BFR)
- Commercial
- Short-Term/Vacation Rentals (STR)
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